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image-201457-Ms. Alva.jpg?1426773904735
Mrs.Alva: The Owner/ the Director
Since 1980

image-201463-Ms. Valentine.jpg?1426774081612
Mrs. Anna: Transitional Kinder
    Since 2016

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image-201490-free to be gallery 4.jpg?1426775526196
image-201460-Mrs. Ann (1).jpg?1426773976794
Mrs. Ann: Supervisor
    Since 1980

image-201465-Mrs. Margaret.jpg?1426774133306
Mrs. Margaret: Pre-K Teacher
    Since 1997

image-201468-Mrs. Naseem.jpg?1426774304879
Mrs. Naseem: 2-3 year old teacher
    Since 2012

image-201481-free to be gallery 2.jpg?1426775135309
image-201491-free to be ballery 5.jpg?1426775610977
image-201466-Mrs. Balvir (1).jpg?1426774191902
Mrs. Balvir:3-4 year old teacher
    Since 2007 

image-201467-Ms. Leticia.jpg?1426774242718
Ms. Leticia: Pre-K teacher
    Since 2014

image-201483-free to be gallery 3.jpg?1426775473267