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Free To Be believes that if a child is well educated and has high self-esteem along with well balanced social values, he or she has an excellent chance of a successful and happy life. We believe this enables them to make decisions based on knowledge, reasoning, and common sense. They alone can choose their ideals and strive for their own personal goals. They are able to do so because they have been educated for skills as well as self worth.

Free To Be is unique in its service to our students by preparing a base for future education. A child that “loves to learn” is generally an adult that has the same desire. Our administration and staff members are highly successful in this service. By dedicating knowledge, time, and effort, we feel we are helping students and parents with their educational, as well as social needs.

As educators, it is our belief that each child is entitled to an education. We share a responsibility with you, as parents, to provide this service. Free To Be wants our students to have a successful and prosperous yet fulfilled lives. An education in the least enables the students to perform and at the most assures the students of the ability to choose. Education is our concern and goal for your child.